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Silicones from Dow CorningWe help you invent the future.
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Silicone-based compound, heavy consistency
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More information is available in the MSDS and Product Data Sheets at the bottom of the page.
Typical Properties
Arc Resistance = 124
Color Translucent
Color White
Dielectric Constant at 100 Hz = 2.88
Dielectric Constant at 100 kHz = 2.95
Dielectric Strength > 450 volts per mil v/mil
Dissipation Factor at 100 Hz = 0.0001
Dissipation Factor at 100 kHz < 0.0005
NLGI Number = 3
Oil Resistance
Service Temperature High = 204 Deg C
Service Temperature Low = -40 Deg C
Shelf Life = 1800 Days
Specific Gravity @ 25C = 1
Volume Resistivity = 2.17e+015 ohm-centimeters
Water Resistant
Worked Penetration = 205 mm/10
*These values are typical properties and are not intended for use in preparing specifications.
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