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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Appliance and Office Equipment Solutions

Total Cost Savings

Efficiency Across the Entire Production Process

Hot-melt robot applicationLab UV test/sealants

When manufacturing and designing exceptional home appliances, you can rely on Dow Corning sealants. Choosing the right materials is just the start: Dow Corning solutions help to control production costs while maintaining superior product quality – yielding saving s and efficiency throughout the entire production process.

To gain a clear picture of true total material costs, you must understand how certain materials impacts supply, labor, and plant costs at every aspect of production, including:

Production line in Warehouse
•   Product/material waste•   Production environment
•   Sealant material volume•   Manpower needs
•   Failure ratios•   Inventory needs
•   Handling time•   Total product quality
Dow Corning’s two-part RTV and hot melt sealants for home appliances are essential to the success of any smart total cost savings strategy. Our technology creates the savings, our expertise helps our customers maximize it.

Total Cost Savings Overview: Two-Part RTV and Hot Melt Sealants
Cost Savings1-part2-partHot melt
Parts must cure for 24 hoursParts can be handled after 10-20 minutesParts can be moved between processing steps without delays
Two operators are often needed to move partsParts can be moved via conveyer belt (no operators needed)Parts can be moved via conveyer belt (no operators needed)
150 to 200m2 required floor space for part storageNo storage space neededNo storage space needed
Manual application leaves excess material that requires toolingRobotic application equipment reduces material needs up to 40%Robotic dispensing equipment reduces material needs up to 40%
Optimal cure time requires climate/humidity controlCure time independent of humidityDevelops high green strength (=instant bonding) but continues to cure as a 1-part
Improper handling of incompletely cured parts can damage the bond lineFast cure time significantly reduces risk of part damage due to handlingFast cure time significantly reduces risk of part damage due to handling
---Up to 25%Up to 25%
The Dow Corning Advantage: Manufacturer Transforms Production and Lowers Costs

A leading household appliance manufacturer came to Dow Corning for help with increasing their production. Our engineers worked with the customer to analyze each aspect of their production process, soon discovering one-part RTV was being used to bond the inner oven door to the metal frame. The Dow Corning team concluded that the total amount of sealant used in production could be dramatically reduced by moving to a two-part RTV solution.

Dow Corning then developed a total cost model that covered each step of the production process, highlighting the reduction in material and labor costs as well as handling time.

Final results show that even with a higher unit cost for the two-part sealant, our customer would see reduced total production costs with no impact on efficiency or product quality. Notable numbers include:

  • 14% reduction in material cost

  • 58% reduction in total dispensed sealant

  • 85% reduction in machine downtime

More importantly, Dow Corning sealant solutions technology and expert advice allowed the
manufacturer to increase next year's production goals by over 25% while still controlling costs
and producing a superior product.


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