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Silicones from Dow Corning
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We can help you solve those tricky powertrain noise problems. How? By understanding the interaction that’s occurring at the point of noise or vibration – and recommending the right specialty, noise-damping lubricant to solve it.


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Molykote® HP-300 Grease
Molykote® HP-300 Grease is a fully fluorinated white grease that provides premium lubricating performance under extreme conditions. These include low or high temperatures and exposure to corrosives and solvents. It can quiet noise and isolate vibrations from engine controls and accessories.

This product can also be used for Body & Lighting, Brakes & Chassis, and Interiors applications.

arrow bulletCompatible with most rubber and plasticsarrow bulletResistance to chemicals and solvents Order Free Samples
arrow bulletService temperature range of -60°C toarrow bulletMinimal deterioration due to oxidation
 +250°C (appropriate for long-term lubrication)
arrow bulletExcellent stability at high temperaturesarrow bulletLow vapor pressure (base oil)
Molykote® D-7409 Anti-Friction Coating
Molykote® D-7409 Anti-Friction Coating is a heat-curing dry film lubricant that’s ideal for highly stressed sliding areas with low sliding speeds, oscillating movements or intermittent operations. Use for everything from piston rings, camshafts and tappets in internal combustion engines to the magnetic armatures of vehicle starter motors.

This product can also be used for Brakes & Chassis applications.


arrow bulletPermanent lubrication at high temperaturesarrow bulletHigh wear resistance Order Free Samples
 in applications where oil and grease cannotarrow bulletHigh temperature resistance
 be usedarrow bulletResistance to oil, grease and solvents
arrow bulletOutstanding lubrication, coupled witharrow bulletAvoidance of fretting corrosion
 corrosion protection propertiesarrow bulletService temperature range of -70°C to
arrow bulletHigh load-carrying capacity +300°C
Molykote® D-10-GBL Anti-Friction Coating
Molykote® D-10-GBL Anti-Friction Coating is designed for metal/metal combinations with slow to medium speeds and low to medium loads that may come into contact with motor oils, gasoline, diesel fuel or grease. Use in gasoline and diesel engines on piston skirts, compressors and pumps, and other applications where you need a dry film lubricant to reduce friction-causing noise.

arrow bulletExcellent resistance to oil, grease, gasoline, diesel and solvents   Order Free Samples
arrow bulletLong-term wear protection  
arrow bulletHighly viscous and suitable for screen-printing  
arrow bulletService temperature range of -40°C to +340°C  

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