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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Improved Performance and
Processing for Automotive Seals

Silastic® LS-2940 U Fluorosilicone Rubber
Silastic® LS-2970 U Fluorosilicone Rubber

Get Extremely Low Compression Set, High Resilience, Excellent
Fuel Resistance and Easy Processing

Meet your requirements for improved performance and easy processing in automotive sealing applications. Silastic® LS-2940 U Fluorosilicone Rubber and Silastic® LS-2970 U Fluorosilicone Rubber offer you:challenge ven diagram
•  Extremely low compression set

•  High resilience for dynamic sealing applications

•  Excellent resistance to fuels, oils, solvents and aggressive fluids
   with low volume swell

•  Stable properties in extreme temperatures, even with no post-cure

Gain process ease and design options

•  Good property retention and aging resistance over a wide service-
   temperature range (as low as -60°C)

•  Excellent handling properties for custom compounding and fabrication
   of molded automotive sealing components

•  Can be colored with pigment masterbatches

•  Easily modified with a range of special additives

•  Can be blended with each other or various fluorosilicone or silicone
   rubber bases to obtain special properties

Meet your automotive sealing needs

Meet your O-ring needsMeet your gasket needsMeet your diaphragm needsMeet your sealing needs

Optimize sealing performance

 PropertyUnitSilastic® LS-2940 U
Flurosilicone Rubber
Silastic® LS-2970 U
Flurosilicone Rubber
ASTM D2632Resilience% Rebound3125
ASTM D395Compression Set (22 Hrs at 177°C)1%48
Compression Set (70 Hrs at 200°C)1%2126
ASTM D1329TR10 (Low temperature retraction)°C (°F)-64°C (-83°F)-63°C (-81°F)
ASTM D471Fluid Resistance - Volume Swell2
Reference Fuel B, 23°C for 24 Hrs
1 Tested according to method B, Type II (12 mm), plied disks
2 Testing performed on post-cured slabs.

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•  Meet system performance needs
•  Develop solutions for system applications
•  Depend on proven, effective materials
Watch the processing video

See how Silastic® LS-2940 U
and Silastic® LS-2970 U
Fluorosilicone Rubbers offer
easy processing.

Watch the processing video
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Identify your
fluorosilicone rubber
application needs.

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Product Information Sheet:
Silastic® LS-2940 U and Silastic® LS-2970 U Fluorosilicone Rubber (PDF)

Advances in Fluorosilicone Elastomers: Sustainable Automotive Innovation (PDF)

Improve Efficiency, Smoothness, Durability: Smart Science Drives Powertrain Systems Innovation (1.10 MB PDF)
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