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Lubricants for Automotive Powertrain Applications

Select Molykote® brand lubricants for your powertrain lubrication applications. Review the chart below. Choose a product to view technical information and safety data.

Smart Lubrication™ for powertrain applications

Molykote® Lubricants

Testing the suitability of the products for specific applications is the sole responsibility of the user

Engine Electronic Control Units 3-0100
  Electronic Ignition Module 3-0100
  Ignition Coils - Coil on Plug Design G-5008
  Glow Plug Controllers 4 Compound
  Position and Knock Sensors 4 Compound
  EGR Valve 321
  Turbocharger Actuator 321
  Piston D 10 | D 88 | PA-744 | 7409
  Engine Accessories 7409 | 321
  Throttle 3402C
 Assembly Fasteners G-N Paste
Transmission Electronic Transmission Controllers 3-0100
  Clutch Actuation BR-2 Plus
Hybrid/Electric Electronic Converter/Inverter Modules 340
 High Voltage Cables 4 Compound
Engine Cooling Radiator Hoses 557 | 346 Emulsion
  Fan Clutches 211 | Q2-1353 | Q5-1468
 Cooling Fan Bearing G-6000 | 3451
HVAC Electronic Heating Systems 4 Compound
  Actuators 4 Compound

Get the specialty lubricants, application expertise and support you need for reliable powertrain lubrication.

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Learn more about Molykote® brand specialty lubricants from Dow Corning

Brake Lubrication
Chassis Lubrication
Vehicle Body and Lighting Lubrication
Vehicle Interior Lubrication
Electrical/Electronics Lubrication

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Solid lubricant anti-friction coatings can be applied to engine pistons and rings to reduce noise and scuffing, and increase fuel efficiency and engine performance.

Learn more about Molykote® brand dry-film lubricants for improving engine life and fuel economy.


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