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Chemical Manufacturing Solutions

Your Global Source for Silicon-Based Performance Chemicals Solutions

Chemical Manufacturing Solutions

Materials, choices, expertise and support available worldwide.

Dow Corning, a globally recognized and trusted brand, is the chemical industry’s leading silicone solutions provider offering a breadth of products, services and innovative technologies that meet your needs exactly. As your technology partner and business ally, we will proactively collaborate with you to seek innovative solutions that can help improve your operations and differentiate your products. Our years of expertise in sustainable silicone material science and network of both global and local support services can help you:

  • Develop new and environmentally sensitive products that meet unique user needs
  • Add valuable performance properties to all types of formulations
  • Improve processes and increase productivity
  • Lower your total cost of use

Performance Chemicals supports the following industries:

Industrial Release Agents : Silicone fluids and emulsions for mold, die-cast, plastic, and tire and concrete release applications.

General chemical manufacturing : Silicon-based raw materials from methyl hydrogen siloxanes, methyl resins and silanol fluids to siloxylated polyethers for the specialty chemical manufacturer.

Autocare : Silicone fluids, emulsions and waxes for formulating premium auto waxes, polishes, tire and vinyl protectants.

Antifoams : Silicone antifoams, defoamers and deaeration materials that prevent or control unwanted foam during processing, application or end use.

Oil and Gas : A variety of petroleum industry products for many oil and gas extraction and industrial applications, from traditional antifoams and demulsifiers to down-hole sealing.

Agro Chemicals : Silicone antifoams and surfactants to improve the mixing, application and effectiveness of insecticides, pesticides, fungicides and foliar nutrients.


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Improved release of concrete paver blocks from rubber molds with
Dow Corning® 2418 Release Emulsion. Read more

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