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Construction Solutions

You need more than promises.
You need new ideas in sustainable construction, global support with a reliable supply of proven silicone sealants and construction chemicals.

Work with a leader in green innovation

You have an ally in the global construction industry

If you want to be a quality and performance leader in the construction industry, you need a reliable supply of proven silicone sealants and construction chemicals.  It also helps to have a supplier with global resources - an ally who can anticipate your challenges, create innovative solutions, and help you implement them.

Whether you are building or refurbishing, we can supply the application technology and tailored support you need to:

  • Solve structural glazing and weatherproofing challenges
  • Maximize energy efficiency in buildings
  • Improve in-shop productivity and reduce material waste
  • Extend building life and reduce life cycle costs
  • Achieve your sustainable development vision
  • Achieve design freedom

Helping you build better with Dow Corning technologies

With nearly 40 percent of global carbon emissions coming from buildings’ energy consumption, the age of near-zero-energy high-performance building requirements is upon us. Whether you are renovating a current structure or building new, advanced Dow Corning silicone-based construction materials help you build better and more sustainable designs. Learn how our proven technologies can help you build a brighter future.


Learn more about Dow Corning® brand silicone sealants and construction chemicals for your application

Tell us what you need

Contact us to discuss your unique opportunities and application requirements.

You can rely on Dow Corning for:

  • The silicone sealants and construction chemicals that are trusted by leading architects, contractors, building owners, consultants, formulators, and building material manufacturers worldwide

  • Local access to Dow Corning's global product supply and technical support network

  • The technical expertise, construction experience, and product knowledge you need to use silicone sealants and construction chemicals effectively
  • New ways to achieve greater energy efficiency

  • Product Stewardship to help develop products, applications, and formulations that will expand your opportunities and differentiate you from the competition, both at home and abroad
  • Assistance with life cycle assessment of building materials, as well as determining the environmental footprint of building

We are a member of your team

As an active member of these leading industry associations, Dow Corning is committed to helping you meet today's construction and building material challenges.


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CSI Corporate Partner 
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Envelope protection for more energy efficient buildings

Defend your building
with a continuous system-based air barrier solution.

Build a Better Barrier
Ideas you can build on.

Articles, videos, interviews
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Construction showcase

Earthquakes, tropical storms, design challenges.  Read success stories from around the world.

Download to learn about our solutions in sustainable construction

Reaching Toward Net Zero

Collaborating to create sustainable building solutions.

LEED® Credit Contribution of Dow Corning® Silicone Sealants

See how green building materials from Dow Corning can help you get LEED credits for your sustainable development.

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