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Pavement Sealants

Withstands severe joint movement and environmental extremes.  Easy installation, reduced downtime and long service life.

Withstands severe Joint movement and environmental extremes. Eay installation, reduced downtime and long service life. Photos by NASA.

Silicones Handle the Movement

To meet the demands of runway, bridge and highway joint sealant applications, you need a sealant that can:

  • Withstand severe horizontal and vertical concrete expansion joint movements
  • Handle temperature and weather extremes
  • Install easily with a short downtime
  • Offer a long service life

Silicone pavement sealants from Dow Corning cure to form a permanently flexible, low- to ultra-low-modulus silicone rubber seal.  They can withstand a high degree of movement (+100/-50 percent of the original joint width) with excellent recovery, making them ideal for sealing joints under continuous stress.

Dow Corning® pavement sealants provide several options to meet your needs

Dow Corning pavement sealant being applied to joint.
Case Study: Want to provide a high performance sealant for runways and taxiways?
Read our Wichita Airport case study to learn how Dow Corning® 888 Silicone Joint Sealant and Dow Corning® 890-SL Self-Leveling Silicone Joint Sealant exceeded expectations to provide all-temperature adhesion, flexibility and durability for over 20 years.

Want to Know More?

Visit our Pavement Sealant Product Finder for:

Read our pavement sealant Case Histories.

For more information about Dow Corning pavement sealants, contact a sealant expert.


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Ask An Expert
See why silicone sealants are a cost-effective solution

Colorado Department of Transportation found cost-effective solution to replace old leaking expansion joints.

LEED® Credit Contribution of Dow Corning® Silicone Sealants

See how Dow Corning silicone sealants and primers can help you get LEED credits.

Find the best silicone joint sealant for your pavement project


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