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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Silicone Rubber Weathersealing Solutions

Custom Silicone Rubber Weathersealing Solutions

Our toughest, most versatile silicone rubber designs for complex weathersealing and joint sealing repair – preformed extruded and injection-molded custom shapes.

Meet tough building restoration weathersealing challenges

Repair failed weatherseals easily, attractively and cost-effectively with Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal Custom Designs H.C.

Ideal for weathersealing the unique building transitions you find in renovation projects, this robust system consists of preformed two- and three-dimensional shapes made of high-consistency silicone rubber that can be bonded to a wide variety of construction substrates using select Dow Corning® brand building sealants.

Combine these flexible custom designs with Dow Corning® AllGuard Elastomeric Coating, Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal and the recommended Dow Corning® building sealants to achieve the ultimate in weathersealing versatility for building restoration and repair.

You’ll receive outstanding technical support; and a project specific warranty is available for added peace of mind.

How can our custom silicone rubber weathersealing
products help you?
Engineers &

A multitude of uses

  • Create aesthetically pleasing weep-hole covers, setting blocks, corner and finish pieces
  • Overcome the tolerance limitations of sealants in high-movement joints
  • Enhance window and air barrier systems
  • Create splice joints for curtainwall applications
  • Repair failed weatherseals and zipper gaskets

A multitude of design and performance options

  • 12- to 36-inch translucent or pigmented silicone calendered sheets
  • 10 standard colors or custom color matching
  • Complex custom extrusions with single or dual durometers
  • Custom, three-dimensional molded silicone rubber shapes
  • Two different tear-resistant formulations – general-purpose and high-tear

How to order Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal Custom Designs H.C.

Our design experts can take your drawings and turn them into unique customized solutions. To begin the order process, we will need a concept drawing of the required part. If you know the specific dimensions, an AutoCad drawing will expedite the design process.

For detailed instructions on how to order a custom extrusion or injection-molded silicone rubber shape, contact your Dow Corning distributor.

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The Ultimate in Weathersealing VersatilityThe Ultimate in Weathersealing Versatility

Explore the features and benefits of Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal.

CSI - Construction Specifications Institute from Dow CorningProduct Specification

Specify Dow Corning® 123 Silicone Seal Custom Designs H.C. with confidence.

Construction Services - Request a QuoteTo request a quote or place an order

We will need a drawing of your design and a list of your requirements. Contact your Dow Corning distributor for assistance and details.

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