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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Technical Manuals

Get the knowledge you need to properly install Dow Corning® brand silicone sealants.

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Dow Corning® European Structural Glazing Technical Manual Dow Corning® European Insulating Glass Technical Manual Dow Corning® European Building Envelope Weatherproofing Technical Manual
This Dow Corning® European Structural Glazing manual is intended to give guidance on the proper design and use of Dow Corning silicone sealants in structural glazing applications. The recommendations part of this manual are based on the company's experience for more than 30 years  in supporting structural glazing projects. You will find presentations of the several Dow Corning products offered for structural glazing applications, including key properties, project design consideration and joint dimensioning, project management workflow, quality control testing and application recommendations.  This Dow Corning® European Insulating Glass Manual is intended to provide guidelines and consideration for the insulating glass manufacturing process based on our company's experience and knowledge. Insulating glass is bringing benefits to glazed curtain wall design. You will see information on the several Dow Corning products offered for insulating glass, including key properties, design considerations and joint dimensioning, project management overview, quality control testing and application recommendations.  Building performance is dependent on the ability of the envelope of the building to successfully prevent the ingress of inclement weather and atmospheric contamination.

This Dow Corning® European Building Envelope Weatherproofing manual is based on over 40 years of experience in using silicone sealant in this application. You will find information on the several Dow Corning products offered for weathersealing, including key properties and product quality, applications guidelines and substrate consideration, design criteria, project management overview, and quality control testing.
English VersionPDF (1.53 MB)
French VersionPDF (3.30 MB)
German VersionPDF (3.0 MB)
Italian VersionPDF (3.40 MB)
Serbo/Croatian VersionPDF (1.44 MB)
Spanish VersionPDF (3.30 MB)
Dutch VersionPDF (3.40 MB)
Russian VersionPDF (3.30 MB)
Polish VersionPDF (3.30 MB)
Turkish VersionPDF (1.96 MB)
English VersionPDF (4.00 MB)
French VersionPDF (4.00 MB)
German VersionPDF (3.20 MB)
Italian VersionPDF (4.00 MB)
Serbo/Croatian VersionPDF (1.24 MB)
Spanish VersionPDF (4.00 MB)
Dutch VersionPDF (3.80 MB)
Russian VersionPDF (4.00 MB)
Polish VersionPDF (4.00 MB)
English VersionPDF (2.97 MB)
French VersionPDF (1.50 MB)
Italian VersionPDF (1.75 MB)
Spanish VersionPDF (1.30 MB)
Russian VersionPDF (1.24 MB)
Polish VersionPDF (1.19 MB)

Dow Corning® European PanelFix Manual    
The Dow Corning® PanelFix System has been specifically designed for elastic bonding of ventilated façade panels for both residential and commercial buildings in new build and renovation projects. It is suitable for both interior and exterior applications.    
English VersionPDF (5.0 MB)
French VersionPDF (5.07 MB)
German VersionPDF (2.0 MB)
Italian VersionPDF (1.5 MB)
Spanish VersionPDF (1.0 MB)
Dutch VersionPDF (1.0 MB)
Russian VersionPDF (1.1 MB)
Polish VersionPDF (5.0 MB)

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