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Building Materials Protection

Proven construction chemicals and collaborative development support for value-added green building materials, dry mixes and water-repellent formulations
Work with us to develop materials that offer greater energy efficiency in buildings.

Want more success in your markets?
Just add collaboration.

If you're ready to take the strength, durability and weather-resistance of your sustainable construction materials to the next level, sit down with the silicone leaders of Dow Corning.
We specialize in working closely with OEMs and post-treatment formulators to help them develop value-added, next-generation building materials and protective coatings that help them stand out from the competition.  And when you tap our expertise and green innovation in construction chemicals, hydrophobic treatments, resins and bindings to create your next breakthrough, you'll benefit from our:

  • More than 65 years of Silicon-based chemistry expertise
  • Confidential product development support
  • Record of successful OEM product introductions
  • High-volume supply of building protection chemicals
  • Collaborative approach to product stewardship
  • Help in conducting life cycle assessment of building materials
To learn one of the many ways silicones can add value to your products and improve energy efficiency in buildings, download the free article, "The Role of Water Repellent on Building Energy Demand" and be sure to browse our other links to learn more.

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Download this brochure to learn how our coatings yield more energy efficiency in buildings.

Featured "green innovation" download

How can your materials help achieve a net zero energy building? Get insights by downloading the free article,
  "The Role of Water Repellent on Building Energy Demand"

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