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Dow Corning® 3-part Construction
Specifications Institute (CSI) Architectural
Specifications for Construction Projects
and Curtainwalls

Dow Corning Corporation provides a broad range of high-performance silicone sealants, preformed silicone seals, primers, and water-repellent silicone elastomeric coatings for the construction industry for both new and renovation projects. The following guide specification sections have been prepared to assist you in incorporating Dow Corning products into construction project specifications. These guide specification sections consist of broad scope sections that include multiple Dow Corning products and narrow scope sections focused on silicone sealants, preformed extrusions, liquid applied air and weather barriers, or primers manufactured by Dow Corning Corporation.

Specification Overview
(Word document size = 36KB)

Architectural Specifications for Silicone Joint Sealants

Section 07 92 00

Joint Sealants (Long Form)
(790, 756, 791, 795, 995, 758, 999-A, 786, 123, 123 H.C., STS; Word document size = 102KB)
Joint Sealants (Short Form)
(790, 756, 791, 795, 758, 999-A, 786, 123, STS; Word document size = 72KB)

Section 07 01 91

Joint Sealant Renovation (Broad Scope)
(790, 756, 791, 795, 758, 999-A, 123, 123 H.C.; Word document size = 123KB)

Architectural Specifications for Structural Silicone Glazing Sealants

Section 08 85 13

Glazing Sealants (Long Form)
(795, 983, 995, 999-A, 756, 791, STS; Word document size = 98KB)

Architectural Specifications for Silicone Air Barrier Coatings

Section 07 27 29

Air Barrier Coatings
(DefendAir 200, 123, 758, 791, 795, 756, 778, STS; Word document size = )

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