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Weathersealing Solutions

Achieve long-term performance and life-cycle savings with global project support and technical expertise.

Achieve long-term performance and life-cycle savings with global project support and technical expertise.

Proven weathersealing solutions for new
construction and renovation

You need building materials that deliver the best in performance, value, and innovation. Trust Dow Corning, a pioneer in silicone building construction products with 60 years of experience, to provide the products, solutions, and knowledge for your most demanding weathersealing projects.  

Build for long-term sustainability

Today's focus on sustainable building solutions demands long-term performance and life-cycle savings in your construction projects. You can depend on proven Dow Corning® brand silicone sealants and elastomeric coatings to help you:

  • Protect  your building envelope from the elements.
  • Renovate and rejuvenate older buildings to increase asset values while minimizing ongoing maintenance costs. Read How often can you afford to renovate? (PDF Size = 220.85 KB)
  • Extend the life expectation of your building and enhance building aesthetics.
  • Achieve the distinctive look your building requires with our wide range of standard colors. Custom colors are also available for many products.

Learn more about restoration solutions from Dow Corning.

Envelope protection for more energy efficient buildings.

Whether renovating or constructing a new building, achieving the most energy efficient and comfortable interior environment requires completely protecting it from the exterior environment. Defend your building against unrelenting air and water infiltration with a continuous system-based solution. Discover how the Dow Corning® Silicone Air Barrier System is engineered to surpass standard air barrier combinations through integrated components of high-performance silicone materials. Achieve your near-zero-energy goals with a continuous air barrier system that delivers high quality, proven durability, excellent life-cycle savings and more:

  • Superior breathability
  • Superior fire ratings
  • UV resistance
  • Simplified application
  • Dow Corning warranty

Support for construction professionals

> Technical support
Meet your weathersealing challenges with proven technical support.
  > Global project coordination
Consult with technical professionals across continents or around the world with consistent technical expertise and local site presence.
> Blueprint review
Ensure your designs meet performance requirements with our blueprint review services.
  > Project-specific testing
Ensure reliable, long-term silicone sealant performance with substrate adhesion testing and quality assurance procedures.

Durable protection from the elements

Your project requires effective weathersealing to seal out air and moisture to ensure long building life. Meet your needs for adhesion, movement capability, durability, and design strength with Dow Corning's line of warranted weathersealing products. Learn more about the weathersealing product line:

Dow Corning brand products for Construction


How can we help you today?

Discuss your weathersealing needs with a Dow Corning expert.

Ask an Expert

Envelope protection for more energy efficient buildings

Defend your building
with a continuous system-based solution.

Build a Better Barrier
The silicone advantage

Discover why silicone is the sealant of choice over organics.

Training and education resources

See how Dow Corning silicone sealants and primers can help you get LEED credits.

Expand your knowledge of silicones and construction industry techniques.

Fascinating Silicone for Construction

AIA education and training online

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