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Weathersealing Products

Dow Corning® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating Color Selection Guide

Silicone Weatherproofing Performance Never Looked So Beautiful

With 55 standard colors, plus a custom color capability, Dow Corning® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating gives you outstanding weatherproofing performance. AllGuard Coating is a one-part, water-based, 100 percent silicone elastomer that seals out water on above-grade exterior walls. It requires no primer on most substrates and cures to form a flexible membrane that can handle the normal movements of seasonal thermal expansion-contraction, even on EIFS panels. Used in renovation projects when urethane and acrylic coatings, paints and penetrants have failed, it is also ideal for new construction projects.

Available in 40 Standard Colors and 15 Special Colors

Misty White · Egg Shell · Bone White · Cream · Beige · Granite · Adobe Brown · Georgia Clay · Dusty Rose · Nutmeg · Brazil Nut · Rasperry Ice · Shark's Belly · Canyon Sand · Sand · Earth · Cocoa · Antique Linen · Rose Oak · Burlap · Toasted Coconut · Dark Hazel · Khaki · Stucco · Queen Anne's Lace · Light Olive · Dark Olive · Corinthian · Grindstone · Willow Gray · Cement · Battleship Gray · Slate · Petosky · Whole Wheat · Macrame´ · Straw · Buttercup · Sandstone · Caramel Corn

View the Dow Corning AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Sealant Color Selection Guide.

Dow Corning AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating is available with a 10-year limited weathersealing warranty. For additional information, contact your Dow Corning representative.

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Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi
The finishing touch on the new 30-story Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino in Biloxi, MS, was five different colors of Dow Corning® AllGuard Silicone Elastomeric Coating. Dow Corning AllGuard was chosen for its waterproofing protection and ability to coat over silicone joint sealants.

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