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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Dow Corning® InstantGlaze Window Assembly Sealants

Revolutionary Reactive Silicone Hot-Melts Increase Productivity and Reduce Costs

Dow Corning moisture reactive hot-melt products are window assembly sealants developed to meet customer specific application needs.  These hot-melt adhesives are designed for automated back-bedding applications in the assembly of windows and doors.  When used with standard hot-melt dispensing equipment and an X-Y glazing table, these hot-melt adhesives become part of a total manufacturing productivity solution.

The Productivity Advantage

  • Ideal for automated backbedding applications
  • No bottlenecks because instant green strength allows windows to move to the next processing step immediately
  • No "hold time" allows windows to be shipped as quickly as they are produced, which reduces space requirements and increases facility utilization
  • Long pot life and open time provide processing flexibility and robust manufacturing options
  • Proven silicone chemistry is compatible with most common fenestration materials
  • Aggressive adhesion for long life and seamless seals
  • Nonhazardous formulation is low odor and worker friendly
  • Less waste: Dow Corning InstantGlaze sealants virtually eliminate the glazing failures common with tapes

The Performance Advantage

Dow Corning® InstantGlaze Window Assembly Sealant deliver all the recognized performance capabilities of silicone, but unlike traditional silicone sealants, they are reactive hot-melt materials designed specifically to take full advantage of automated backbedding technology. They deliver instant green strength so windows can be immediately handled without risking the integrity of the seal or distorting the sash, offering significant productivity improvements.

Dow Corning® InstantGlaze II Assembly Sealant was developed with the input of manufacturers specializing in aluminum, vinyl and wood fenestration products. Dow Corning® InstantGlaze II Assembly Sealant is formulated to provide:

  • Increased compressibility
  • Quicker elastic recovery
  • Improved wet-out

Dow Corning® InstantGlaze III Assembly Adhesive is designed for use as productivity enhancer in the assembly of windows and doors. It is used with various types of high-speed automatic equipment (robots, XY tables, etc.) to improve manufacturing productivity and window performance. It can be used on most common window materials (wood, PVC, aluminum, fiberglass) without the need for any primer. Dow Corning® InstantGlaze III Assembly Adhesive is also compatible with most common insulating glass sealants.

Dow Corning® InstantGlaze LV Assembly Sealant hot-melt adhesive is designed for use in assembly and lamination. Based on a reactive silicone hot-melt technology, Dow Corning® InstantGlaze LV Assembly Sealant can be dispensed in fine beads, fibers, or spiral patterns. Silicone pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA) technology provides green strength and adhesion, and a silicone cross-linking chemistry allows the adhesive to cure to its ultimate

Compare for Yourself:

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The Challenge

Designing new homes which minimize environmental damage from the construction process and enable people to live a more sustainable lifestyle is a huge challenge - both financially and technically. With energy conservation and CO2 emissions at the forefront of the United Kingdom Government Code requirements and given their permanent interaction with the interior and exterior, window assemblies are responsible for a significant amount of energy loss within residential buildings. The close co-operation between Dow Corning and their equipment and component solution partners enabled the design and production of a high performance, thermally efficient composite window assembly. Learn More>

Want to Know More?

Automated dispensing equipment may be available from various suppliers including*:

* Note: This list of external equipment supplier links is provided for your convenience only. Dow Corning does not recommend, guarantee or warrant any particular equipment or the accuracy of the information in these links. Supplier list is provided by Dow Corning for informational purposes only.


Contact us to find out how InstantGlaze innovative solutions can increase your productivity and reduce your costs

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