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You Don't Have To Do It Alone!

Dow Corning Corporation has been a proven leader for over 30 years in areas such as automotive, military, industrial, medical and consumer electronics.  We are able to leverage our expertise and capabilities beyond materials to reduce your time, risk and costs associated with your crucial objectives. 

Product and Application Development

Fast Formulation

Dow Corning already manufactures a wide variety of Gels and Encapsulants to meet the needs of most application and process situations. However, if you don't find an exact match for your needs, Dow Corning can work on a customized upgrade of one of our standard offerings. Some examples of how Fast Formulation can meet your exact needs include, but are not limited to, the following: modification of a products cure schedule, modulus, viscosity, or color; or add/remove an inert intermediate such as UV indicator - all in a timely manner.

Production of Prototype Potted Boards
Process Design

We can produce potted boards or test parts for early evaluation of a materials protective abilities. Gels or Encapsulants can be applied simulating your own process conditions if needed. We can also advise you from our extensive industry experience on the best methods and conditions for your process.

Analytical, Environmental and Physical Testing

We have expertise to share on a wide range of testing to monitor quality, on specialized testing for trouble-shooting, or to simulate accelerated service conditions.

Material, Process and Equipment Integration

Equipment Recommendations

Over many years of providing materials for electronics protection, Dow Corning has developed strong alliances with key equipment suppliers worldwide. We have just launched the External Equipment Provider Alliance with nine leading companies. Save time and expense by taking advantage of these partnerships to insure the optimum integration of material and processing.

Consultation with Technical Experts

Or have our experts visit your facility or join us at one of our global application centers to work together on your material and processing needs. We can also provide seminars and training for your personnel to allow them to work more knowledgably. With material, process, and equipment integration solutions from Dow Corning, you can manufacture more modules and assemblies in less time, at less cost, with fewer shutdowns and fewer customer rejects

Special Packaging

Our products are supplied in a variety of standard package types and sizes but if these will not meet your need, let us know. We also have a number of authorized repackagers we can call upon to help.

Facilities Design and Engineering

As a global manufacturer and marketer of materials for your industry, we have a great deal of experience in purchasing, designing, implementing and integrating plant and laboratory expansions and process upgrades. We also possess specific design and engineering expertise proven to reduce risks associated with the use of various materials - expertise that can give any size electronics manufacturer "big-company" capabilities.

Total Supply Chain Management

Our expertise can help you optimize the quality and flow of goods and information across your entire value chain and achieve world class delivery and customer satisfaction.

To create the ideal solution for your business situation, we draw upon not only the extensive capabilities and resources of our business group, but also the capabilities of Dow Corning's entire global organization.  

Interested?  Contact Us for more information regarding Solutions.

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