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Silicones from Dow Corning
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New Grease with Low Temperature and Noise Dampening Properties

Molykote® G-1056/G-1057/G-1067 Grease

These noise dampening greases offer:

1. Excellent noise reduction and low temperature performance
2. Controls oil separation and bleed for cleaner parts and less staining over time
3. Less stringiness and easy handling for a cleaner manufacturing environment
4. Good water washout resistance for extended life in wet applications

Outstanding noise reduction property

Conventional noise dampening greases increase operational resistance at low temperature as they use high viscosity oil to reduce noise. New base oil and additive technology enable these new greases to have lower friction at low temperature and better noise dampening properties at room temperature.

Noise reduction property comparison

Molykote G-1067 noise reduction property comparison

Good low temperature property under -40℃

Molykote G-1067 with good low temperature property
Greases GraffGreases Graff

※Test method: Low temperature torque test (JIS K 2220)

Controlled oil separation and bleed

Before testAfter test
controlled oil separation and bleedcontrolled oil separation and bleed

※Test method: Oil bleed(JIS K 2220・100℃x24hrs)
※Grease is colored for testing

Easy handling for improving productivity (reducing stringiness )


grease iconAutomotive Body Parts
Slide & guide, actuators, cables.
grease iconHome Appliance
Moving parts in refrigerator, washing machine, air conditioner
grease iconOffice Equipment's Moving Parts

Typical property

> Download Molykote noise dampening greases product information (PDF)

Test and conditionUnitTest Method G-1056 G-1057 G-1067
Appearance (60 worked,25°C) - Visual observaritiongrease color
grease color
Semi transparent
grease color
Penetration - JIS K 2220 352 348 342
Bleed(100°Cx24hrs) % JIS K 2220 0.0 0.0 0.0
Evaporation(99°Cx22hrs) % JIS K 2220 0.1 0.1 0.1
Dropping point °C JIS K 2220 229 234 210
Copper corrosion test
- JIS K 2220 1a 1a 1a
Water washout
% JIS K 2220 0.4 0.1 2.5
Low temperature torque Starting torque mN•mJIS K 2220 70 83 46
Running torque mN•m 61 55 22
4 ball wear test mm ASTM D2266 0.54 0.83 0.67
Bleed test (Frosted glass surface, 60°Cx24hrs) mm Internal Test 18 20 20
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CTA DownloadMolykote® G-1056 / G-1057 / G-1067 Product Information(PDF)
CTA Download
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