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 Linear motion guides
 Linear sliding guides
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 Planetary roller screws
 Plastic gear wheels in enclosed gears
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 Rolling Element Bearings
 Seals and packings
 Shaft/hub connections
 Sliding contact bearings made of metal
 Sliding contact bearings made of plastic
 Steel gear wheels in enclosed gears
 Steel gear wheels in open gears
 Vacuum pumps, Air compressors
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Smart Solutions
No matter how harsh the environment or how extreme the temperature, you're sure to find a Molykote® brand lubricant worthy of the challenge. When you specify maintenance products from Dow Corning®, you're specifying the results of more then 60 years of breakthroughs and innovations by a world leader in lubricant technology. With dedicated global research and development operations on five continents, Molykote brand lubricants from Dow Corning bring you the best in assembly and maintenance technology from around the world.

For your convenience, our products are readily available through our global network of over 3000 distributor locations. With superior product technology, registration to international quality standards, a reputation for consistently high quality and unmatched expertise level, it's easy to understand why Molykote from Dow Corning is the smart choice for your lubrication needs.

To select the best lubricant for your application, let your specific performance needs be your guide. Or choose Contact Us directly to discuss your specific application.

Rolling Element Bearings | Shaft-hub connections | Plastic gear wheels in enclosed | Seals and packings
Steel gear wheels in open gears | Steel gear wheels in enclosed | Sliding contact bearings metal
Sliding contact bearing plastic | Linear motion guides | Linear sliding guides | Press-fit joints | Chains
Planetary roller screws | Bolts, studs | Maintenance, repairs | Vacuum pumps, Air compressors | Hydraulic pumps

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