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TC-5022 improves thermal performance 10-15 percent compared to existing materials

Midland, Mich. – Dow Corning Corporation today announced that its new thermally conductive grease, DOW CORNING® TC-5022, has been approved by AMD for use on its AMD64 processors and inclusion into its bundled Processor-In-a-Box (PIB) product offerings.

The new thermally conductive grease boosts cooling performance while minimizing cost of ownership for manufacturers. According to customer testing, TC-5022 offers a 10-15 percent reduction in thermal resistance, improving thermal performance over other thermal grease options on the market today. Used as the thermal “path” between the microprocessor package and its device-cooling heat sink, the grease provides a highly efficient transfer of heat away from the processor. This gives integrated circuit makers greater versatility in selecting heat sink options, including the use of lower cost heat sinks that enable users to reduce overall manufacturing and system costs.

“Thermal greases like TC-5022 are an important element in the design of new generations of microprocessor packages,” said Tom Cook, global industry executive director, Dow Corning. “Because the heat management needs of high-end devices are increasingly complex, the industry needs materials that are designed to address both performance and price needs. TC-5022 demonstrates perfectly how this performance-price balance can be achieved.”

“Enhancing processor heat dissipation is an important industry focus, and AMD is committed to working with market leaders such as Dow Corning to find innovative solutions to meet customers’ needs,” said Mike Eyman, member of Technical Staff at AMD. “TC-5022 is an excellent product that will enhance the cooling efficiency of AMD’s server, workstation and desktop products.”

Dow Corning introduced TC-5022 earlier this year, expanding the company’s growing line of conductive greases. TC-5022 allows manufacturers to achieve low thermal resistance (0.07cm2C/W) with thin bond lines (<25 microns). The material offers long-term thermal stability and enables pressure-independent processing, giving users a wide process window to improve manufacturing consistency, repeatability and overall yield.

Recently, Dow Corning and AMD held a joint online seminar to discuss the use of TC-5022 and other Dow Corning thermal grease technologies in AMD devices. Zuchen Lin, technical platform leader at Dow Corning, presented “Dow Corning’s Thermal Solutions for AMD’s CPU Platforms,” while AMD’s Eyman presented “Partnership Development of a Thermal Grease Used in AMD’s Processor in Box Program.” For more information on this online seminar, please contact

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Dow Corning Corporation is a globally integrated provider of materials, application technology and services, and is focused on providing innovative technology for all segments of the electronics industry. Dow Corning has development and applications centers strategically located throughout Asia, Europe and the United States. The centers offer advanced resources for electronics materials and services, and are staffed with experienced professionals who can provide technical support to customers locally. Dow Corning Corporation is equally owned by The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) and Corning Incorporated (NYSE: GLW). More than half of Dow Corning Corporation's sales are outside the United States.

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