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Dow Corning Offers Complete Molykote® Lubrication Line, Support for Brake System Applications

Includes Lubolid® additive packages for friction linings.

Dow Corning Corporation has announced a new lineup of Molykote® high-performance lubricants for automotive brake system applications.

“Selecting the right lubricants is one of the top items for designing and engineering brake systems,” said Mitsuhiro Sakamaki, Molykote Global Automotive Leader. “Our engineering support and consulting help customers identify potential problems early, so costly, time-consuming design changes are kept to a minimum. We can even customize products, eliminating the guesswork that runs up costs and delays production.”

Molykote lubricants are designed to work under extremes of load, speed and temperature, as well as in exposure to water and dust. They also offer good compatibility with elastomers commonly used in automotive brake systems, such as EPDM, neoprene, and others.

Brake components and the Molykote solutions are:

Brake Calipers

Proper lubrication of these components is critical for long term performance and safety. The use of quality products helps reduce sticking, brake noise and vibration of calipers and their components. This is important when working with electrically integrated brake systems, such as anti-lock brake systems.

  • Molykote G-807 silicone compound is a stiff, non-melting compound for rubber boots that reduces friction and provides good corrosion and water resistance.
  • Molykote G-407 grease minimizes fretting corrosion of the guide pins in floating caliper designs and is compatible with rubber dust boots that protect these pins.
  • Molykote M-77 extreme pressure lubricating paste reduces noise and squeak at braking.
  • Molykote AS-880N grease is specially designed for preventing squeak of brake shims to reducing vibration from disc pads.

Drum brakes

  • Molykote 7439-plus improves lubricity, anti-corrosion and water resistance for links and adjuster screws.

Brake booster

  • Molykote 822M and PG-54 greases offer good lubricity between rubber and plastics at low and high temperatures, keeps better sealing, and help prolong the life of critical components.

Antilock Systems

  • Molykote BG 20 high performance grease is suitable for lubrication of needle bearings in antilock systems under middle and high loadings, high speeds and temperatures.

Parking cables

  • Molykote 33 grease performs in a wide temperature range (-70C to +180C), prevents corrosion, and provides good water resistance and anti-oxidation properties.

Air compressor for commercial vehicles

  • Molykote FS 3452 especially suitable for long-term lubrication, because of extremely low oxidization and evaporation tendency.

Brake pads

Dow Corning also offers Lubolid® friction control additives, which are designed for use in brake pads, clutch lining, linings for drum brakes on personal or commercial vehicles; including extreme heavy duty applications such as railroading applications. These can be easily customized into pad formulations to achieve the desired level of performance. Lubolid can reduce fading, noise and vibration; reduce pad and rotor wear; improve friction recovery; and stabilize friction level.

Every Molykote automotive product and service is backed by a commitment to provide the design and processing answers customers need to enhance body components, chassis and brake systems, electrical components, fuel and air systems, and powertrain components. For more information about Dow Corning's complete line of Molykote high-performance industrial lubricants for the automotive industry, contact or e-mail

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