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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Power Up Your Coatings with a Versatile Leveling
and Slip Agent

Smooth high-slip coating
Power Up

Dow Corning introduces a high-performance leveling and slip agent for waterborne, solventborne and radiation-curable coatings

Ensuring high performance without proliferating raw materials can be a challenge for paint, ink and coating formulators. This has created a need for products that can be used in solventborne, waterborne and radiation-curable coatings and are compatible with a broad range of binder types.

To meet this need, Dow Corning has extended its range of leveling and slip agents with Dow Corning® 8526 Additive.

About Dow Corning® 8526 Additive

Dow Corning 8526 Additive is an easy-to-use, high-performance silicone polyether additive that gives improved leveling and slip in waterborne, solventborne and radiation-curable formulations at low addition levels.

Advantages of Dow Corning 8526 Additive

  • Delivers highly effective leveling and slip performance in a wide range of solventborne, waterborne and radiation-curable coatings
  • Good recoatability for fewer rework concerns
  • Effective at low addition levels, reducing formulation cost and unwanted side effects
  • Excellent compatibility with acrylic, epoxy, polyester and urethane formulations
  • Can be diluted in alcohols, glycol ethers, aromatic solvents and water for greater formulation versatility
  • Contains materials listed in the Annex 6 of Swiss Ordinance of the FDHA, making it suitable for both food and nonfood applications

Versatile performance

In solventborne formulations, Dow Corning 8526 Additive delivers an excellent balance of leveling, slip and substrate wetting.

Figure 1. Performance of Dow Corning 8526 Additive in a solventborne coating

Graph illustrating balance of performance attributes in solventborne coatings

In waterborne formulations, Dow Corning 8526 Additive significantly reduces coefficient of friction and provides excellent slip without impacting gloss.

Figure 2. Performance of Dow Corning 8526 Additive in a waterborne urethane emulsion coating

Graph illustrating performance benefits in a waterborne urethane emulsion coating

In radiation-curable formulations, Dow Corning 8526 Additive greatly improves leveling.

Figure 3. Performance of Dow Corning 8526 Additive in a solventless, UV-curable coating

Graph illustrating performance benefits in a solventless, UV-curable coating

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Dow Corning® 8526 Additive Product Information Guide (PDF)
Dow Corning® 8526 Additive Data Sheet (PDF)
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