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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Dow Corning®
71 and 74 Additive

Power Up Your Ink and Overprint Varnish Formulations with Superior Foam Control


Dow Corning Introduces High-Performance Additives for Long-Lasting, Defect-Free Foam Control in Inks and Overprint Varnishes.

Are you looking for a long-lasting foam control additive for your ink or overprint varnish (OPV) that performs during both the manufacturing and printing processes and does not cause surface defects, even on filmic substrates? Is storage stability a concern? Do you also need to meet regulatory requirements for various food-contact applications? Then consider Dow Corning® 71 Additive and Dow Corning® 74 Additive. These foam control agents provide excellent, long-lasting foam control at reduced use levels while maintaining the integrity of the coating, and they comply with U.S., European and certain local country regulations within Europe for food contact.

Unlike silicone emulsion products, Dow Corning 71 and 74 Additives are supplied as 100% organomodified silicones. They are low viscosity, surfactant-like compounds that self-emulsify and thus are easy to incorporate at low shear, while also avoiding any issues with emulsion instability. They are also highly effective in a wide range of acrylic resin formulations, providing excellent foam control at much lower use levels without causing cratering and other surface defects associated with silicone emulsions, even on non-absorbent filmic substrates.

Dow Corning 71 and 74 Additive Performance Benefits:

  • 100% organomodified silicones
  • Self-emulsifying
  • Easy to incorporate at low shear
  • Can be used neat or diluted in polar solvents
  • Compatibility with a wide variety of ink and OPV resins
  • Very low use levels
  • Excellent foam control during both manufacturing and processing
  • Shear stability
  • Continued performance even after long-term storage
  • Prevent defects, even on filmic subtrates
  • Compliant with U.S., European and certain local country regulations within Europe for food-contact applications

Effective Foam Control at Very Low Use Levels

With their unique organomodified silicone structure, Dow Corning 71 and 74 Additives provide excellent foam control at much lower use levels than competitive emulsion technology. Dow Corning  71 Additive, for example, can be used at nearly half the level of a silicone emulsion in a waterborne flexographic ink.

Dow Corning additives provide similar foam control at nearly half the use level compared to silicone emulsions

Dow Corning 71 Additive Outperforms a Silicone Emulsion in a waterborne OPV After Nine Weeks of Storage

Because it is self-emulsifying, Dow Corning 71 Additive continues to provide excellent foam control during printing even after long term storage when used at up to five times less than a silicone emulsion.

Dow Corning 71 Additive outperforms a silicon emulsion in a waterborne OPV after storage for 9 weeks

Dow Corning 71 Additive Provides a Defect-Free Surface in a Waterborne Flexographic Ink

Unlike silicone emulsions, which contain silica particles that can lead to defect formation, Dow Corning 71 and 74 Additives are highly organic in nature. They are compatible with a wide range of acrylic resins and provide defect-free surfaces.

Panel 1: Defects with silicone emulsion Panel 2: Defect free with Dow Corning 71 Additive
Unlike silicone emulsion technology, Dow Corning 71 Additive provides a defect-free flexographic ink Unlike silicone emulsion technology, Dow Corning 71 Additive provides a defect-free flexographic ink


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