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Trends Lab
You Are Unique

Authentically you!

A new, personality-led trend is emerging as an antidote to mass consumerism:
celebrating what makes us each unique. Let your natural beauty shine through,
enhanced to the max, not disguised or hidden.

Consumers seek products that reveal their natural beauty, rather than transform it, while still celebrating their individuality. Makeup-free beauty in selfies is a millennial badge of honor, as people show pride in their natural skin and hair. Consumers want to be in control. Male or female, they want personalized formulations that meet their needs, not a mass-market idea of beauty.

This drive for authenticity includes using naturally inspired products in which each
ingredient has a purpose. Consumers want simple, pared-down formulations. They
want formulations that can be customized to express their own vision of beauty.

This latest inspiring TRENDS LAB collection helps you celebrate the full spectrum of
natural beauty of the human race, regardless of nationality, age or gender. It includes
ideas to help you create innovative new formulations … so you can meet consumer

  • Authenticity – The opposite of the airbrushed, ultra-glamorous look of the high-maintenance divas, this is a trend about enhancing your natural beauty rather than transforming – including celebrating ethnic skin and hair.
  • Express Yourself – We live today in a very visual society. Consumers want
    to freely express their personalities and lifestyles by altering their appearance.
    They want to be in control, not necessarily complying with the conformity of mass consumer brands.
  • Do It Yourself – Originating in the growth of niche brands, this trend creates
    demand for serums that can adjust to the consumer’s skin – with color mixing
    palettes and intelligent moisturization.
  • Men Are Unique, Too! – Men have unique skin issues and needs, and are
    becoming savvy consumers of skin care, seeking ways to look and feel better. It is no longer a female product with a different fragrance and packaging.

Authenticity   Express
  Do It
  Men Are
SimplyME (CPF 2072) (PDF) – This cushion foundation perfectly meets demand for a pared down, simple yet luxurious experience. Provides all the coverage of a BB for flawless skin in a discreet, nude form that blends invisibly with your skin tone.

Featured in formulation:
> Dow Corning® MQ-1640 Flake Resin
> Dow Corning® 556 Cosmetic Grade Fluid
> Dow Corning® FZ 3196
> XIAMETER® PMX-200 Silicone Fluid 2 cSt
> Dow Corning® ES-5300 Formulation Aid
> Dow Corning® 5200 Formulation Aid
> Dow Corning® 9701 Cosmetic Powder

Happy Hair (CPF 2065) (PDF) – A rich, bouncy gel that will make curly or unruly hair feel happy! Tames hard-to-harness hair, providing frizz control and long-lasting hold, while offering deep moisturizing to further control frizz and add smoothness.

Featured in formulation:
> XIAMETER® PMX-200 Silicone Fluid 2 cSt
> Dow Corning® MQ-1640 Flake Resin
> Dow Corning® CE-8411 Smooth Plus Emulsion
> Dow Corning® HMW 2220 Non-Ionic Emulsion

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