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Plastics Solutions

Tailored to meet your needs for innovation, technical support, convenience and cost control.

Plastics Solutions from Dow Corning.


Silicones improve performance, processability, and cost-efficiency in plastics

Dow Corning Multibase has revolutionized the plastics industry with ultra high molecular weight siloxane additives. Explore some of the applications used for plastics industry:

Plastics for Automotive

Automotive designers use siloxane masterbatches for applications such as Instrument panels, Central consoles, Pillars, Partially painted bumpers and Fascias to improve the scratch and mar resistance of thermoplastics, especially polyolefins. Find how these compounds will help you improve the performances of your automotive products without sacrificing other properties.

Plastics for Office Equipment

Designers of office equipment such as faxes, printers, scanners, copiers, etc. make extensive use of siloxane masterbatches and siloxane powders. A typical application is a gear that must function with little or no external lubrication. In such applications, the ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymers improve lubricity and slip, reducing the coefficient of friction in the gear assembly. Find the benefits of Dow Corning siloxane masterbatches and siloxane powders.

Plastics for Wire and Cable

Siloxane masterbatches used in wire & cable applications, jacketing and compound HFFR in conjunction with other flame retardant materials can:

  • Improve compounding output
  • Improve filler dispersion of highly filled compounds
  • Provide durable scratch & abrasion resistance
  • Reduce surface roughness of extrusion => higher quality
  • Provide FR - synergist with solid phase flame retardants, e.g. Mg(OH)2

When used in combination with other fire retardant solids such as Aluminum Trihydrate, Magnesium Hydroxide, Calcium Carbonate, Ammonium Phosphate, Halogenated Hydrocarbons and others, siloxane masterbatches coat the surfaces of these products and improve, not only the surface feeling, but also its flame retardant properties. Find the benefits of Dow Corning siloxane masterbatches and siloxane powders.

Plastics for Telecommunications & Electronics

Designers of components and formulators of materials used within the telecommunications and electronics industries use siloxane masterbatches and siloxane powders for a number of diverse applications. These polymers also serve as processing aids to improve mold flow to permit the production of thin-wall housings for small electronic components, for example. It also helps increase fire retardance of housings and components used in electronic components.

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Ask an expert which silicone additives can improve the performance of plastics applications.

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For thermoplastic additives and information about anti-scratch solutions for Interiors, contact Multibase.

Multibase, a Dow Corning Company

Multibase, a Dow Corning company, is your quality partner for Thermoplastic Elastomers and Custom Compounds

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