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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Elevate Thermoplastic Performance and Processing

Elevate Thermoplastic Performance and Processing

Millions of tons of thermoplastic resins are used each year in a wide range of applications: from packaging and consumer products to construction, electrical/electronics and transportation. As application, manufacturing and regulatory requirements become more stringent, additives play an increasingly important role in raising resin performance, supplying missing properties, streamlining production and supporting compliance.

Dow Corning's advanced silicone-based technologies deliver desirable functionality and system cost and efficiency benefits to the most widely used thermoplastic resins.

Polyolefin (PP & PE): Dow Corning's advanced additives enhance multiple polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE) properties, notably surface quality (anti-scratch) and coefficient of friction. As synergists, they optimize halogen-free FR additives in wire and cable by improving dispersion, de-agglomeration and water repellency. They facilitate processing of BOPP and blown PE film by providing slip without migrating to the surface across layers or from one surface to another . Our additives expedite extrusion by preventing die build-up and reducing torque. They also support polymer grafting.

Product highlights:

  • Dow Corning® HMB-0221 Masterbatch (PDF): This pelletized concentrate is designed for use in polyolefin-based compounds.
  • Increase Flowability: Raise productivity and expand design freedom with ultra-high molecular weight silicone additives that deliver high flow at lower loadings than PTFE

Polycarbonate (PC): Dow Corning silicone technology delivers non-halogenated flame retardance while retaining the hallmark clarity of PC in a broad range of optical applications. These include LED lighting for consumer electronics, automotive headlamp lenses and exterior lighting. Alternatively, competitive products such as KSS and PTFE negatively affect PC transparency.

Product highlights:

Polyamide (PA): Silicone additives from Dow Corning improve coefficient of friction (slip) for PA resins and glass-filled PA compounds at lower loadings than PTFE, so key mechanical properties are retained. Target applications include automotive parts, industrial gears and bearings and moving parts in appliances and peripherals. Our technology also improves abrasion resistance and surface quality of PA components without blooming, which is important in kitchenware, sporting goods and other consumer applications.

Product highlights:

  • Dow Corning® MB50-011 Masterbatch (PDF): This pelletized formulation containing 50% of an ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in PA6 polymer enhances surface quality in glass fiber-reinforced PA and enhances mar resistance in unfilled PA.
  • Dow Corning® 31-441 Additive (PDF): This solid silicone polymer excels at delivering high slip at lower loadings than PTFE, and offers anti-scratch properties. It also improves extrusion efficiency by decreasing screw torque.

Polyester (PET & PBT): Dow Corning additives lower coefficient of friction without surface exudation while maintaining mechanical properties. In mono- and multi-layer film production, they enhance quality and throughput by increasing slip and reducing torque. In injection molding, they decrease surface friction for higher flow and easier release. Our additives for PET are fully FDA approved for food contact. Target PET applications include packaging, film and fibers. Application areas for PBT include automotive and appliance parts, consumer goods and electronics.

Product highlights:

  • Dow Corning® MB50-012 Masterbatch: This solution, which contains 50% of an ultra-high molecular weight siloxane polymer dispersed in PET polymer, is ideal for lowering COF in PET and other polyester-based resins.
  • Dow Corning TORAY EP-5500 Powder (PDF): This easy-to-handle soft powder provides superior, stable COF reduction vs. PTFE at low loadings.
  • Dow Corning® MB50-010 Masterbatch (PDF): Benefits of this ultra-high molecular weight additive include processing improvements, such as easier de-molding, and abrasion resistance.

Find out how Dow Corning can help you improve application performance with silicone-based material reinforcement additives. It's as easy as contacting your Dow Corning representative.

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