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Insulating Glazing

Insulate from temperature extremes. Enhance thermal efficiency with less argon for eco-friendly design options.

Protection from temperature extremes.

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Insulating glass is used as a multi-functional construction element in building curtainwalls of every kind. While their primary purpose is to prevent heat transfer, insulating glass units (also known as double-glazed units) must also meet stringent requirements for sound insulation, UV protection, and security.


Why Dow Corning?


Project Consultation

Quality Bond™ provides access to Dow Corning specialists who can provide guidance for specific aspects of your construction projects. Expert assistance is available for areas including thermal performance of the curtainwall structure, blast or intrusion protection, energy efficiency, and environmental considerations such as sustainability and eco-construction.


Global Project Support

As the leading silicone manufacturer with global presence, Dow Corning is proud to offer worldwide project support that is an absolutely critical requirement. Architects and constructors are often based in different country locations or across continents, a challenge that requires consistent technical expertise and local site presence.


Peace of Mind

Through the specification of qualified Quality Bond members on specific projects, quality assurance, quality control, and excellence in product application are ensured at all times, permitting the construction of safe, beautiful structures featuring longevity and outstanding durability.


Knowledge Sharing

Knowledge sharing resources include information on a range of construction topics, including thermal performance of curtainwall structures; blast, fire, or intrusion protection; energy efficiency; sustainability; and eco-construction.


Assistance with Sealant Specification

Appropriate to the substrates, standard project requirements, and specific custom requirements of a project, Dow Corning offers expert assistance with sealant specification challenges.


Find a Qualified Quality Bond Applicator

The Dow Corning Quality Bond programme offers resources to help you identify and specify programme-compliant applicators and contractors. Find a qualified Quality Bond applicator using the search tool in the sidebar.


Ask a Dow Corning Expert

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Ask an Expert

Ask an Expert

Is your building energy efficient?

Learn about our thermal modeling resources for your project.

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Find a qualified Quality Bond Applicator

Select an applicator with the confidence of Quality Bond.

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Product Information and Technical Resources

Learn more about the products and application techniques that enable design innovation.

Insulating Glass Technical Manual
(PDF size = 2 MB)

Case Studies

Westhafen Tower
Westhafen Tower
Frankfurt, Germany
(PDF size = 439KB)
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