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Dow Corning Quality Bond

A commitment that extends confidence to the construction community

Bringing confidence to the construction community.

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Dow Corning Quality Bond is a tailored set of services and commitments relevant to members' specific needs based on your role in the construction project specification chain. Quality Bond lifts silicone bonding and sealing to the highest quality level.

State-of-the-art products, standards of best practice in quality control, quality assurance, and product application by specialist silicone fabricators and applicators form the backbone of this exciting initiative. Quality Bond allows customers and specifiers to share in Dow Corning's industry-leading expertise and benefit from our proven global performance track record.

Benefits for Members

Becoming a qualified member indicates to your customers that your performance standards and training are world class. Members of the Quality Bond community share in our extensive know-how in structural glazing, insulating glazing, and other silicone-based bonding and sealing applications.  

Benefits for Specifiers, Developers, and Customers

By Specifying a Quality Bond member for your project, you gain the assurance that your applicator has been trained and audited to meet the highest quality standards set by Dow Corning.

Currently available in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, Quality Bond reinforces our commitment to instilling the highest quality standards.

With accelerating architectural creativity and fast-growing requirements in energy efficiency and transparency fueling demand for advanced structural glazing solutions, Quality Bond ensures the very best in performance, safety, and durability.


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Dow Corning Construction Industry 2011 Technical Training Academy

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German15 & 16 May 2012
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