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Silicones from Dow Corning
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PV Rail Bonding Adhesives 

Enhance installation efficiency, cost savings and performance.

Rail bonding adhesives eliminate the need for mechanical fasteners

Durable, structural strength for cost-effective mounting of solar panels

Installers, integrators and module manufacturers can depend on the proven performance of Dow Corning® brand PV solar sealants and adhesives for cost-effective, durable mounting of solar panels. Rail bonding solutions from Dow Corning use a silicone adhesive to structurally attach glass, metal or other PV module material to the supporting structure (rail or pad).

Specifically designed and tested for structural application in the PV industry, silicone rail bonding technology from Dow Corning can:
•Enhance the mounting process, enabling a lower installed cost per MWp
• Enable on-site ease of installation compared to mechanical mounting hardware, such as brackets, clips and screws
• Reduce material and installation costs
• Reduce module damage from stress points caused by the mounting hardware

Silicone rail bond adhesives outperform typical PV tapes

In recent testing of Dow Corning® brand silicone rail bonding solutions against two well-known global brands of photovoltaic (PV) tape, Dow Corning® brand silicone products outperformed tapes in cohesive failure and shear strength tests.

Learn more about what silicone sealants can do for your PV frame and rail bonding applications

>Technical resources
 Product technical data sheets
  Dow Corning® PV-8301 Fast Cure Sealant (46 KB PDF)
  Dow Corning®   PV-8303 Ultra Fast
Cure Sealant 
(41 KB PDF)
  Dow Corning®   PV-8030 Adhesive 
(39 KB PDF)
 Product selection data
  Photovoltaic Module Assembly & Integration Product Selection Guide (2.24 MB PDF)
  Case histories
Oerlikon Solar (146 KB PDF)
  Technical papers
Silicones Outperform Typical PV Tapes in Frame Sealing and Rail Bonding Applications (90 KB PDF)
>Explore Products
  Explore the proven line of sealants for rail and pad bonding applications.


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Silicone sealants possess unique properties and benefits that make them the materials of choice for solar industry applications.

Dow Corning PV sealants and adhesives expand manufacturing options with competitive features and a range of product properties. With room-temperature cure and low-VOC options available, you can find the sealant that meets your solar adhesive needs.



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Learn more about silicone materials from Dow Corning for solar applications at the Fascinating Silicone Discovery Center.

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