Dow Corning Engineered Elastomers - Exact Solutions
Issue 5 | February 2005
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Case Study - Unique Additive Resists Scratches for Interior Auto Parts
Knowledge Base - The Siloxane Difference
Business Challenge - How Can Dow Corning Help You?

Case Study - Unique Additive Resists Scratches for Interior Auto Parts
Situation: When a leading producer of polypropylene and advanced polyolefin products needed to develop a scratch resistant, non-greasy material for a wide array of interior automotive applications, the unique chemistry of Dow Corning delivered an exact formulation.
Problem: Interior automotive materials must withstand heavy environmental stress and currently available materials could not deliver the scratch resistance required. In addition, these materials demonstrated signs of "blooming" - the migration of volatiles creating a greasy surface - unacceptable to the OEM.
Solution: Dow Corning approached the manufacturer to propose an improved technology with an ultra high molecular weight siloxane in pellet form that did not migrate. A Dow Corning siloxane additive, shown to improve the mar and scratch resistance of polypropylene compounds, was incorporated in the company's product, a mineral filled polypropylene copolymer. This ultra high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) not only fulfilled the scratch requirements, but passed both bend and UV tests, and delivered no blooming effect.

Additionally, the unique chemistry of Dow Corning MB 50-001Masterbatch, further developed into special "micro-pellets", enabled this global production company to improve the quality of the compounding for the final product.
Knowledge Base: The Siloxane Difference
Easy to use, Dow Corning Masterbatches can improve the scratch and mar resistance of  thermoplastics in many applications, such as:
Business Challenge: How Can Dow Corning Help You?
If you are seeking to launch a new product, solve a manufacturing problem, expand into new geographies, or simply modify the final properties of polypropylene, talk to us for a flexible, solution-focused approach to your business.

Our expertise expands far beyond elastomers.

Submit your question today and see what Dow Corning can do for you.

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Technical Article: How Dow Corning Siloxanes Differ from Competitive Alternatives
Technical Article: Siloxane Additives for Molding Polypropylene and Thermoplastic Olefins
Data Sheets:
Dow Corning MB 50-001 Masterbatch
Data Sheets:
Find the right additive to help you produce mar and scratch resistant materials.
Q: Why are Dow Corning Siloxane Masterbatches easy to use?

A: Siloxane Masterbatches are produced in solid form as pelletized micro-dispersions of special ultra high molecular weight siloxane polymers in various different plastic carrier resins at loadings of up to 50%.

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