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November 2004 | Issue 3

Customer Description: An electrical equipment manufacturer relied on
Dow Corning for a partnership solution to help them generate new business opportunities.
Problem: An electrical equipment manufacturer in North Africa is looking
to win a major government contract. They need raw materials, innovative production processes, and testing services. With initial approval for
production, it was essential that they quickly move ahead at full-power
on reference regarding norms testing and a method to interpret the results.
Solution: The Manufacturer relied on the Dow Corning network to build equipment and institutional testing partnerships, and to oversee the entire process. The innovative high voltage electrical insulator solution secured
the government contract - and helped the manufacturer win the business.
Silicone Rubber for High Voltage Insulators and Composite Insulators
Services – Capabilities Testing Partnership
Manufacturing – Equipment Suppliers
Design and Testing in Europe / Supply in North Africa
Whether you are looking to seize an emerging business opportunity, launch a product, solve a manufacturing problem, or expand into new geographies, talk
to us for a flexible, solutions-focused approach to your business.
Our expertise stretches far beyond elastomers.

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Bret Dove
Customer Support Team
Engineered Elastomers Industry
Why our lines of Dow Corning Liquid Silicone Rubber (LSR) and improved High Consistency Rubber (HCR) are the materials of choice for virtually any high voltage insulator or composite insulator application:
Maintains hydrophobicity as other materials fail, resists atmospheric and chemical degradation and delivers superior UV resistance vs. EPDM
Backed by Dow Corning expertise that enables custom compound formulation requests based on your specific needs
Delivers a complete range of innovative, physical and electrical properties
Selection Guide:
Performance Data on Formulations - Typical, physical, and electrical properties of Dow Corning High Voltage Silicone Rubber.
Data Sheet:
Power and Utilities Solutions - From high voltage insulator coatings to silicone rubber for composite insulators to high performance transformer fluids.
Case Study:
Hub River Substation, Pakistan - See how Dow Corning High Voltage Silicone Rubber solved a recurring flashover problem.
Q: We deal with considerable amounts of contamination in our station post insulators and transformer bushings. Is High Voltage Silicone Rubber still the
right material for these applications?

A: Contaminants and stress can cause EPDM and EPDM alloys to
lose hydrophobicity. In contrast, insulators made with Dow Corning High Voltage Silicone Rubber maintain hydrophobicity and
controls leakage currents even when stressed or contaminated, keeping the insulating value high.

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Discover Dow Corning solutions at “Electrical Networks in Russia” Moscow, Russia –
November 16-19, 2004
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Examples of applications from fire-safe transformer fluid to wire and cable materials.
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