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October 2004 | Issue 2

Customer Description: A global manufacturer for automotive parts relied
on Dow Corning for a just-in-time delivery solution to help them rev up their
new product line.
Problem: A Global automotive parts manufacturer enters a new market in Asia. They needed to improve the resistance performance for a Diesel turbocharger hose to fit the demands of the new product line. With major investments in their development teams in Europe, and a new manufacturing site in Asia -
there’s no room for error.
Solution: The Manufacturer partnered with Dow Corning to quickly deploy
a reliable and international solution with:
Silastic® Fluorosilicone Rubber
Exclusive Custom Formulation Capabilities
Application Knowledge
Development in Europe / Supply in Asia
Whether you are looking to seize an emerging business opportunity, launch
a product, solve a manufacturing problem, or expand into new geographies,
talk to us for a flexible, solutions-focused approach to your business.
Our expertise stretches far beyond elastomers.

Submit your question today and see what Dow Corning can do for you.

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Bret Dove
Customer Support Team
Engineered Elastomers Industry
This is why Silastic FSR is recognized as the material of choice for Fuel
and Oil Seals and Gaskets:
Performs at higher temperatures than most organics
Features better fire hazard characteristics
Exhibits lower molding pressures than organic
Presents higher tensile strength with heat aging
Technical Articles:
Silicone Rubber: Fluid
Resistance Guide
A Practical Approach to Matching FSR Compound Technology to Fabrication Processes and Equipment
Data Sheet:
Silastic Fluorosilicone Rubber (FSR) – Compounds & Bases
Q: In automotive applications, are silicone rubber parts serviceable at temperatures above 300 degrees Celsius?

A: Parts fabricated from Silastic fluorosilicone rubber retain room temperature characteristics across
a wide temperature range and are serviceable at temperatures ranging from -100 to 316 °C – a thermal performance that is unmatched by the majority of organic elastomers.

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