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Brake System Lubrication

Protect critical braking components with Smart Lubrication

Choose high-performance Molykote® brand specialty lubricants from Dow Corning to protect brake system components. Our Smart Lubrication solutions can help to improve brake reliability and durability, and reduce noise and wear.

Brake Friction

AFCs for brake clips, springs and pins

Reduce noise, roughness and wear with dry-film lubricants on brake clips, springs and pins. Proven Molykote ® D-708 Anti-Friction Coating (glossy black) and newer Molykote® D-709 Anti-Friction Coating (silvery metallic) provide high-performance solutions with a new color choice. They can:

• Control friction to reduce NVH
• Resist dust, dirt and corrosion
• Withstand extreme heat and cold

Learn more about the advantages of these anti-friction coatings for sustainable comfort and design reliability with optimized friction-and-wear control.

From pedal to pad, Molykote lubricants get the job done
Meet your brake-system lubrication requirements for improving reliability and durability, while reducing noise and wear on:

  • Pedal system pivots and bearings
  • Hydraulic components, such as air compressors and master cylinder
  • Brake boosters and actuators, including diaphragms, seals and pistons
  • Disc brake components, from needle bearings to caliper assembly parts
  • Mechanical or electrical parking brakes and brake-by-wire actuators

Learn more about Molykote® lubricants for brake applications.

Meet brake system lubrication needs with application-matched choices
Advanced Molykote brake-system lubricants can provide long-lasting lubrication under extremes of load, speed and operation. They resist water washout, dirt and dust buildup, oxidation, and searing heat and numbing cold. Most have good compatibility with common brake-system elastomers such as EPDM, neoprene and others. They include:

  • High-performance greases with a choice of consistencies, material compatibility and with fluorinated choices for especially harsh environments
  • Severe-duty anti-seize pastes with high solid-lubricant content for smoothing initial run-in and handling heavy loads at low sliding speeds
  • Paint-like anti-friction coatings that provide dependable dry lubrication corrosion protection and squeak-and-rattle prevention

Get the materials and support you need for Smart Lubrication on critical braking components.

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  • See additional chassis and brake solutions
    In addition to specialty sealants, elastomers and lubricants, we also offer more material options for other chassis and brake applications.
Reduce Friction Enhance Design

View more solutions for brake and chassis applications

Brake friction control
Steering lubrication
Suspension lubrication
Squeak and rattle prevention
Dust covers and boots
Seals and gaskets
Other chassis and brake solutions

Learn more

Molykote® D-708 Anti-Friction Coating for Brake Pad Clips (PDF)
Smart Lubrication™ Solutions for Vehicle Chassis & Brake Systems (PDF)
Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings Selection Guide (PDF)

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Bonded solid-film lubricants have been used to help help massive doors on aerospace vehicle assembly buildings slide freely without stick-slip.

Learn more about the properties and performance advantages of Molykote® specialty lubricants from Dow Corning.

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