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Dry-Film Corrosion Protection

Pre-coating assembly parts can provide lasting lubrication and rust prevention

Molykote® brand anti-friction coatings can help to speed assembly, aid tightening and add long-term lubrication and rust prevention when used to pre-coat parts.

Economical dry-film corrosion protection

Our economical dry-film lubrication solutions can provide:

  • Dry, clean lubrication that resists dust, dirt or moisture
  • Lubrication without aging, evaporation or oxidation
  • Rust prevention without costly surface treatments like galvanizing or aluminizing
  • Controlled film thickness for exact load-bearing capabilities

Learn more about Molykote lubricants for powertrain applications.

Solid lubricants ease assembly and service
Molykote® dry-film lubricants can be Smart Lubrication™ solutions for the assembly and service disassembly of threaded connections. These lubricants can help:

  • Achieve proper tightening torque with less shearing or galling
  • Minimize cold welding and seizure
  • Disassemble connections easily even after prolonged service

Choose from many economical application methods
Anti-friction coatings from Dow Corning can be applied to single or batched parts. You can apply these coatings by spraying, dipping, dip spinning for high volumes, roll coating for long flat parts or printing for selective-area lubrication.

Get the materials and support you need for lasting dry-film corrosion protection.

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  • See additional powertrain solutions
    In addition to specialty sealants, elastomers and lubricants, we also offer more material options for other powertrain applications.

Dry film, solid lubricants can provide extreme-pressure, long-lasting lubrication and corrosion protection for construction and farm equipment, snowmobiles, boat motors and material-handling equipment.

Learn more about the properties and performance advantages of Molykote lubricants from Dow Corning.

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Learn more

Improve Efficiency, Smoothness, Durability: Smart Science Drives Powertrain Systems Innovation (1.10 MB PDF)
Smart Lubrication™ Solutions for Vehicle Powertrain Systems – Smart science drives propulsion efficiency innovation (PDF)
Molykote® Anti-Friction Coatings Selection Guide (PDF)

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