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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Drymix Admixture Products

Drymix Admixture & Chemical
Admixture Solutions

Easy-to-use powdered additives with the proven ability to add water repellency, providing enhanced protection to cement-based
drymix products.

Improve the water repellency and protection capabilities of your cement-based drymix products

When used as an admixture or in-situ treatment, powdered silane, siloxane and silicone resin additives from Dow Corning have a long history of providing water repellency and enhanced protection to drymix products.

With proven technology and extensive success in innovating with customers around the world, Dow Corning is uniquely equipped to work side by side with you to develop innovative solutions that can:

  • Improve the performance and reliability of your formulations
  • Improve the ease of use of your drymix products

Plus, you can rely on our proven ability to meet your large-volume material requirements and needs for product development support, globally.

How can our drymix admixture and chemical admixture solutions help you?
Engineers &
Property Owners

See the performance difference

Admixture Solutions – Gypsum AdditiveInfra red picture of treated and untreated gypsum, FRC and mortar blocks after immersion in water and 30 minutes holding time.

Collaborate with Dow Corning

With powdered silicone additives, technical support and advice from Dow Corning,
you can:

  • Build-in water repellency, which contributes to substrate longevity and prevents efflorescence, mildew and mold growth, and freeze-thaw damage during end use.
  • Improve the weatherability, durability and aesthetics of drymix materials,
    such as grout, joint fillers, tile adhesives, mortar, stucco, render, EIFS and
    self-leveling flooring.
  • Eliminate the need for post-treatments or protective coatings.
  • Achieve built-in protection that is UV resistant and weather resistant.

We can provide you with:

  • A dependable, high-volume supply of proven water repellents that improve the water-resistance of cement-based construction materials.
  • A range of silicone, silane and resin blends in powder form designed to meet your specific application, material or formulation requirements.
  • Expertise in silicone and silane technology.
  • Confidential product development support.
  • A global supply chain and global technical support coupled with local market knowledge, insight and expertise.
  • Innovative silicone admixture and additive technologies.

Let's work together to develop the next generation of drymix formulations.

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Construction Chemical Solutions from Dow CorningConstruction Chemical Solutions from Dow Corning

Help improve the durability of building products
and enhance
end-product capabilities.

Dow Corning® GP SHP 60+ Silicone Hydrophobic PowderDow Corning®
GP SHP 60+
Silicone Hydrophobic Powder

A next generation silicone hydrophobic powder for dry-mix mortars.

Broadening the Application RangeEuropean Coatings Journal Article on Broadening the application range

Learn more about the effectiveness of siloxane and alkoxysilane concrete additives in a lime-cement mortar mix

Dow Corning(R) SHP 50 Silicone Hydrophobic PowderDow Corning® SHP 50 Silicone Hydrophobic Powder

Increase water repellency; reduce water penetration and absorption in
construction materials.

Dow Corning and Nubiola Join ForcesDow Corning and Nubiola Join Forces

Collaboration contributes to development of stable blue color formulations
for mortars.

European Coatings Journal Article on Mortar ProtectionEuropean Coatings Journal Article on Mortar Protection

See water absorption test results for a new silicone-resin powder for
drymix admixtures.

Impact of Water Repellent on Energy Demand of BuildingImpact of Water Repellent on Energy Demand of Building

Hydrophobing treatment can reduce energy consumption in
existing buildings.

Powdered Silicone Additives for Cement - Video Technical PresentationTechnical Presentation
Powdered Silicone Additives for Cement.
Watch Video 
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