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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Infrastructure Solutions

Silicone-based sealants for pavement joints
and waterproofing chemicals to increase
infrastructure lifespan, outperforming and
outlasting organic alternatives.


Protection from the elements for walkways to highways, automotive parking decks to air fields, and buildings
to bridges

Exposure to year after year of sun, heat, wet and cold, and continual cycles of thermal expansion and contraction takes its toll on highways, airports, bridges and residential streets, parking structures, sidewalks and pedestrian walkways. Silicone pavement sealants extend the lifespan of these critical infrastructure elements, providing joint sealing that outperforms - and outlasts - organic alternatives. Additionally, silicone waterproofing chemicals extend the lifespan of bridges and other concrete structures by preventing water intrusion and freeze-thaw damage.

How can our joint sealant solutions help you?
Engineers &
Property Owners / Government

Get the benefits of silicone joint sealants from Dow Corning

With Dow Corning® silicone joint sealants, you can create long-lasting, durable, flexible, low- to ultralow-modulus, high-elongation silicone rubber seals that:

  • Resist UV radiation, extreme temperatures and freeze-thaw cycles

  • Absorb extreme movement (thermal stress)

  • Extend service life and reduce end-user maintenance compared to organic alternatives

  • Are capable of withstanding extension of 100 percent and compression of 50 percent of the original joint width

  • Feature excellent recovery, making them ideal for use in joints that experience a high degree of movement

  • Outperform organic alternatives – silicones have greater UV stability and temperature and weather resistance to ensure a long life span

Dow Corning® silicone joint sealants are available in varying product options make it simple to find the right material for your need:

  • Easy-to-install one-part sealants or rapid-cure two-part sealants

  • Ultra-low modulus sealants for joints in concrete and asphalt pavements that place very little stress on the surfaces

  • Self-leveling sealant to reduces labor costs

Explore innovative joint sealing solutions for infrastructure applications

Silicone Joint Sealants for Airports and Airfields
Airports & Airfields

Silicone joint sealants provide long-lasting performance for demanding applications.
Silicone Sealants for Highways, Roads and Bridges
Highways, Roads & Bridges

Silicone sealants for demanding highway and bridge applications outperform organic alternatives.
Parking Structures, Stadiums and Horizontal Silicone Sealants
Parking Structures, Stadiums & Horizontal Sealing

Silicone joint sealants withstand significant horizontal and vertical movement to ensure long-term performance.
Joint Sealants for Plaza and Walkways
Plazas & Walkways

Silicone joint sealants ensure long-term performance of concrete expansion joints.
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Durable Sealants from Dow Corning Case Study - Tulsa International AirportCase Study: Tulsa International Airport

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Vertical and Horizontal Sealants - Dow Corning and Kunming Changshui International AirportCase Study:
Kunming Changshui International Airport

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Pavement Installation GuidePavement Installation Guide

Find the Dow Corning® Silicone Pavement Sealant that meets your needs.

Parking Structure Installation GuideParking Structure Installation Guide

Get guidance for proper installation of Parking Structure Sealants.

Parking Structure Installation GuideDow Corning® 902 RCS Joint Sealants

Installation Guidelines and Equipment Recommendations.

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