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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Dow Corning® Quality Bond

Dow Corning® Quality Bond™ program lifts
silicone sealing and bonding to the highest
level by implementing standards of best
practice in quality control, quality assurance
and production application with specialist
silicone applicators.


Building Reputations Together

The Quality Bond™ program brings together property developers, architects, consultants, engineers, fabricators and applicators by sharing Dow Corning’s extensive know-how in silicone bonding applications for high performance building. Customers and specifiers can benefit from our industry-leading expertise which helps ensure best performance, safety and durability of building projects.

How can our Quality Bond program help you?
Engineers &
Building Materials
Property Owners

Learn more about the Quality Bond™ program

Benefits for Members

Becoming a qualified member indicates to your customers that your performance standards and training are world class. Members of the Quality Bond community share in our extensive know-how in structural glazing, insulating glazing, panel bonding and other silicone-based bonding and sealing applications.

Benefits for Specifiers, Developers, and Customers

By Specifying a Quality Bond member for your project, you gain the assurance that your applicator has been trained and audited to meet the highest quality standards set by Dow Corning.

Currently available in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, India, ASEAN, and Greater China, Quality Bond reinforces our commitment to instilling the highest quality standards.

With accelerating architectural creativity and fast-growing requirements in energy efficiency and transparency fueling demand for advanced structural glazing solutions, Quality Bond  ensures the very best in performance, safety, and durability.


Structural Glazing Silicone Sealants
Structural Glazing Solutions

Enable architectural freedom to design visually appealing, high performance building façades.
Weatherproofing Solutions from Dow Corning
Weatherproofing Solutions

Achieve long-term sealing and weatherproofing performance and life-cycle savings.
Insulating Glass Solutions
Insulating Glass Solutions

Get superior durability and longevity relative to organic-based sealant alternatives.
Windows and Doors Fabrications
Window & Door Fabrication

For high-performing, energy-efficient windows and doors, rely on production, installation and air barrier solutions from Dow Corning.
Architectural Panel Bonding Solutions
Architectural Panel Bonding

Cost-effective, easy-to-use alternative to mechanical fixations for façade panels and rainscreens.
Transparent Structural Sealant - Crystal Clear Bonding from Dow Corning
Crystal Clear Bonding Solutions

Enable design flexibility and design freedom with point fixed
glass façades.
Silicone Sealants for Highways, Roads and Bridges
Highway, Roads and Bridges

Silicone sealants for demanding highway and bridge applications outperform organic alternatives.
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50+ years of proven excellenceImagine the Possibilities

For over 50 years, Dow Corning has pioneered new technologies that allowed architects to implement their most ambitious designs.

Find a Qualified Quality Bond™ Applicator

Select an applicator with the confidence of Quality Bond.

-- and/or --
Quality Bond Training Academy

Start your collaboration with Dow Corning by attending one of our workshops.

2017 Technical Training Academy - Europe  (PDF)

English: March 14-15
German: June 13-14
English: October 24-25

Join Quality Bond
Become a Quality Bond Member

Enhance your company reputation and gain the programme benefits that Dow Corning offers.

Join Quality Bond
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