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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Explore Moldable
Optical Silicones

Explore the many advantages of using silicone in your lighting applications. Access digital versions of the complete demo kit booklet or individual sample pages below, or learn more with our additional resources. Stay up-to-date by coming back to this page in the future for information on our newest samples and technologies.
Moldable Demo Kit 
Complete Booklet: Discover the
advantages of our MS products
Material Uses Available Parts
See where our MS materials are
used in these sample parts
10° TIR Lens TIR Optic
Eliminate light loss with
narrow beam angles

Watch demo
Aspheric Lenses Bend and Focus Incoming Light with Aspheric Lenses
Bend and focus incoming light,
similar to a magnifying glass
Watch demo
Long Throw Collimator Narrow Beam or Light Column Housing Assembly
Focus light in a desired
path for higher efficiency
Watch demo
Tensile Bar ASTM D-412 Tensile and Elongation Testing
Test tensile strength
and transmit light
Watch demo
UL94 Flame Bar UL94 Flame Certification Testing and TIR
Guide light and use in flame
classification testing
Watch demo
Optical Plaque Large, Thick Plaque for Optical Testing
Test optics with a larger
and thicker plaque
Watch demo
Coaster Highly Polished Mold for Optical Testing
See the precision features and
high polish finish available with
these products
Watch demo
Light Pipes Simple Light Guides
Bend Light

Guide and bend light
Watch demo
40° White Reflector Reduce Stray Light with 40° White Reflector
Achieve wider beam angles
and more diffuse reflectance
Watch demo
Small Globes Light Globes - Molded in
One Piece

Obtain greater flexibility in molding, surface patterning
and more
Watch demo
Modular Optics Long, Thin Optical Parts
from Silicone

Create long, thin optics
with moldable silicones
Watch demo
Mini HEOC Convert LED Point Source to a Distributed Source
Convert an LED point source
to a distributed point source
Watch demo
Flashlight End Caps Fine Detail Molding for Flashlight End Caps
Affect light transmission through
a piece with surface finish
Watch demo
Reflective Hood Shape and Direct Light without Lenses
Shape and direct light to reduce
the effects of glare and light loss
Watch demo
One-Piece Compound Lens Complex Compound Lens Molded as a Single Part
Produce a variety of output patterns from a single miniaturized source
Watch demo



bullet Leveraging Optical Moldable Silicone for Lighting Applications webinar 

Case Study

bullet Dow Corning and Phillips Lighting Collaborate to Change the Future of UV Purification (PDF)
bullet Next-Generation Light Engine Shows Improved Performance and Efficiency with Optical Silicones from Dow Corning (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning’s Moldable Optical Silicones Help Pave the Way to a Groundbreaking LED Headlamp Design from Hella KGaA Hueck & Co. (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning and Darkoo Optics Co., Ltd. Innovate Highly Efficient and Reliable LED Lens Modules with Advanced Optical Silicones (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning Silicones Create Higher Performance,
Lower TCO for LumenFlow
 (PDF 1.20MB)
bullet Pathway Lighting Products Develops New Tunable LED Fixture with Dow Corning® MS-2002 Moldable Silicone (PDF 1.77MB)
bullet Emergency Vehicle LED Lighting Gets More Visible — and More Rugged — with Co-molded Silicones from Dow Corning (PDF 1.55MB)
bullet Gaggione Achieves Breakthrough New Collimator Design Using Optical-Grade Dow Corning® MS-1002 Moldable Silicone (PDF)
bullet Pioneering More-Reliable Outdoor LED Lighting Modules with Advanced Optical Silicones (PDF)

Application Bulletins

bullet Prototyping Injection Molded Optical Parts (PDF 1.36MB)
bullet A Comparison of Injection Molding Processes: Silicone Optical Resin Based Materials vs. Plastic or Liquid Silicone Rubber Molding  (PDF 2MB)
bullet A Comparison of Materials for Injection Molding Optical Parts: Silicon Resin Based Materials
vs. Traditional Liquid Silicone Rubber
bullet Optical Properties, Definitions and Measurements (PDF)
bullet Optical and Physical Properties of Dow Corning® MS-1002 Moldable Silicone and Changes with High Temperature Aging (PDF)
bullet Optical and Physical Properties of Dow Corning® MS-1003 Moldable Silicone and Changes with High Temperature Aging (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® CI-1001 Optical Coating (PDF 1MB)
bullet Optical Global Hardness Testing (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® CI-2001 White Reflective Coating (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-2002 Moldable Silicone (PDF)

Data Sheets

bullet Dow Corning® MS-0002 Moldable Silicone (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-1002 Moldable Silicone (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-1003 Moldable Silicone (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-2002 Moldable Silicone White Reflector (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-4002 Moldable Silicone (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-4007 Moldable Silicone (PDF)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-4022 Moldable Silicone (PDF)

Published Articles

bullet Moldable Optical Silicones Enable LED Lamp and Luminaire in LEDs Magazine  (PDF 3.35MB)

Product Information

bullet Discover design freedom offered by silicone optics. (PDF 178KB)
bullet Dow Corning® MS-2002 Moldable White Reflector Silicone for more efficient and reliable LED lighting designs (PDF 493KB)
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