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Silicones from Dow Corning
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The Dow Corning Difference
What Do You Need To Do?

Silicon-based Technologies
to Enhance LED Lighting

Proven reliability and efficiency for lighting applications

Innovation is the driving force behind today’s brighter LED products, with silicones and silicon-based technology lighting the way to even brighter possibilities. A proven innovator for more than 70 years, Dow Corning can help your team take advantage of the new possibilities of brighter, longer-lasting, more cost-effective LEDs.

Our products offer:

Optical clarity and lumen maintenance
The high clarity of optical moldable silicones and optical encapsulants means light produced by the LED is transmitted more efficiently with little absorbance. With a wide range of refractive index (RI) values, our silicones minimize interfacial losses. The result of both clarity and refractive qualities increases light output and improves lumen maintenance. In addition, silicone elastomers and resins can be precisely molded into transparent lenses or bright white reflective elements for greater focus and direct light output. The result is increased brightness within the targeted area of light distribution.

Optical stability and stress relief
Silicone’s excellent thermal and photo stability in a variety of harsh environments minimizes the risk of yellowing or changes in physical properties during device fabrication and use. In addition, silicone technology offers superb mechanical properties, enabling silicone coatings, potting materials and adhesives and sealants to provide strong protection of sensitive LED components against outside contamination, shock and thermal cycling. Dow Corning is continuously developing and improving silicone resins for even greater resistance against demanding environmental stresses in LED packaging, ensuring longer lifetimes.

Silicone’s excellent thermal stability can withstand many of today’s high-temperature packaging and surface mount assembly processes for lead-free sold and optical assemblies. Finished packages benefit from very low moisture absorption values and the ability to meet reliability requirements for processing operations with minimal handling concerns.

Heat dissipation
Today’s high-brightness LEDs generate excessive heat and operate continuously at high temperatures. Silicone thermal management materials address thermal challenges in LED packages as well as in LED light bulbs and LED luminaires. Dow Corning offers a variety of products, such as encapsulants, adhesives, gels, elastomers, pads, pottants and compounds orgreasesto solve thermal management issues.

Explore this section for more about our products for the entire LED lighting value chain. Also be sure to check out our LED materials tutorial for more information.

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