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Silicones from Dow Corning
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Innovation for Renewable Energy Generation

Dow Corning’s research portfolio for solar and wind energy solutions focuses on improving the performance, durability and efficiency and reducing the levelized cost of energy (LCE) of renewable energy technologies. Our scientists and engineers deploy their expertise to help customers meet the challenge of reducing cost per kWh and making renewables a viable energy option.

Solar energy solutions
As materials supplier to the PV industry, our goal is to help our customers grow through innovation and material solutions across the entire solar value chain, from silicon feedstock to cell applications, encapsulants, coatings, potting agents, sealants and adhesives for module finishing and installation. The investment in SEED expands our innovation capabilities for solar PV technologies.

Solar Bonding and Module Finishing
Bonding labSolar bonding and module finishing simplify installation of PV panels with bonded systems, new designs and automation.

Smart mounting technologies, such as bonding, offer advantages that should enable significant cost savings – depending on the design, up to several cents per watt peak. Among those advantages are reduced stress on the PV module, greater potential for automated production and faster installation at the construction site.

Dow Corning also supplies a range of materials for module finishing applications to the PV industry, including sealants, adhesives and potting materials.

Learn more:
Dow Corning Solar Solutions website
Solar Module Encapsulation
Solar cell researchModule encapsulation increases module efficiency, durability and power output stability with liquid silicone encapsulant solutions.

In the solar industry, encapsulants are at the heart of the PV module design and play a critical role in the PV device. Dow Corning is working with customers to develop a liquid silicone material and process to improve efficiency, durability and module performance over time.

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High-Performance Solar Modules Web page
Solar Cell Solutions
Solar cell researchCell solutions optimize cell efficiency, reducing cost of materials for cells and interconnections.

The new technical capabilities that SEED offers expand Dow Corning research and development competencies along the PV value chain, facilitating faster development in close collaboration with customers to bring the next generation of technologies to market.

In the SEED labs, we have the possibility to complete the full process of photovoltaic (PV) cell fabrication – from wafers to finished cells – and to measure all aspects of cell performance.

Learn more:
Dow Corning Solar Solutions website
Wind Energy Solutions
Wind turbine at SEEDTo meet new technical challenges driven by the increasing size of wind turbines, manufacturers and installers can rely on Dow Corning to generate novel material solutions.
  • Increased per-turbine capacity output (less down time vs. increased output)
  • Reduction in engineering capital cost
  • Reliability improvements to reduce levelized replacement cost
  • Decreased operation and maintenance costs
Dow Corning’s goal is to lower the cost of energy by applying its innovative silicon-based technologies to help wind turbines operate more reliably and predictably. High-performance lubricants and silicone sealants enable more efficient wind turbine designs and help extend maintenance intervals.

Learn more:
Lubrication and Sealing Solutions for the Wind Power Industry (PDF)

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