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Silicones from Dow Corning
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The Urethane Busters
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Urethane Busters

What construction professionals are saying about CCS and CWS

We use CCS and CWS on lots of different projects: tilt-up, retail shops, schools and office buildings. They tool better than urethane sealants and are much easier for my guys to run. They don’t need any priming, they’re easy to apply and they adhere very well. Also, urethane will sometimes bubble and these sealants don’t. We first used CWS on a project two or three years ago and we never got any callbacks.

Matt Covington, CFO, Apostle Glass, Upland, California, USA

We install over a million feet per year ... our bread and butter is tilt-up windows. We just started using both CCS and CWS about six months ago and began prepping our customers for the change six months before that. We tested both products thoroughly and are very happy with the results. They’re great for customers who don’t need the 20-year warranty that comes with Dow Corning’s premium sealants. And the price is absolutely competitive with urethane. I have recommended CCS and CWS over urethane on projects because I felt they would perform better.

Kal Zam, Owner, F.J. Zam Company, Santa Fe Springs, California, USA

My company uses CWS a lot for envelope restoration work ... it’s great on porous substrates. We’ve used it on condo complexes for stucco-to-aluminum window frame joints. This stuff is amazing – it applies beautifully, tools wonderfully and has incredible adhesive and cohesive properties. It also accommodates dynamic movement really well and the warranty is very attractive. I love it. CWS is a great alternative to urethane when a premium sealant like Dow Corning® 795 isn’t needed.

Jeff Ferguson, President, Rezcom Hydra Seal, Ltd., Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We started using Dow Corning® brand sealants about two years ago and were very happy with the results. Before then we used mostly Tremco® Dymeric® or Sonneborn Sonolastic® NP 1 and NP 2 products. We now use CWS on aluminum window framing and CCS on concrete control joints on all new projects. Both materials have excellent adhesion and are very easy to apply and tool. Their price is very competitive with urethane products and the performance is much higher. Dow Corning’s service and warranty are also better. Silicone-based sealants from Dow Corning are more UV resistant, last longer and cure faster than urethane-based sealants. Both CWS and CCS are tack-free only a few hours after application so the finished joints look and stay cleaner. They are also a lot easier to work with in both cold and hot temperatures.

David Stanek, Owner and President, Dynamic Enterprises, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

We use CCS on tilt-up windows and doors and CWS for general-purpose applications like finish perimeter beads. Both products are relatively inexpensive, are very high quality and have great color fastness. A lot of times, guys in the field tend to be resistant to new products; but my crew immediately liked the field application characteristics of CCS and CWS. My superintendent really likes them because they have long tooling times and good workability. For me, I like the great adhesion to unprimed substrates, the high quality of the product and the price. When CCS was first introduced, I saw an immediate opportunity to use it for restoration work: it’s very cost-effective compared to urethane, has a much longer service life and has great color retention. Both CCS and CWS are great finish caulks; they look great and are far superior to urethane.

Alex Rojas, Owner and President, Tru-Proof, Inc., Miami, Florida, USA

We’ve used Dow Corning products for 25 years. When it comes to sealants we always prefer to go with silicone. We’ve had great adhesion with CWS and CCS ... we’re very pleased. We use them on warehouses, precast bases and windows ... for almost anything we can. The aesthetics are great and they really hold up under extreme weather conditions. Here in Edmonton the temperature ranges from freezing cold in the winter to very hot in the summer. Our climate is also very sunny, which makes for a lot of UV problems as well. Urethane just doesn’t hold up under these conditions. Plus, unlike most urethane sealants, with Dow Corning we get a warranty. Before, it was often too costly to use silicone sealants, but these products are the perfect compromise. They really changed the market for us.

Jim Pruden, President and General Manager, PSL Contracting, Ltd., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We’ve been in business over 35 years and have used both urethane and silicone sealants. We first tried Contractors Concrete Sealant about a year ago. In Edmonton, we find that tilt-up corners take extreme movement. It’s a real problem and CCS has performed well for us in this application. It’s also very good on sidewalks, which tend to pull away from the buildings here because of the temperature extremes. We really like it on masonry joints, too. Because a lot of brick is pre-siliconized, we have to use a sealant with a very low modulus that doesn’t need priming and CCS works really well for this. We’ve used Dow Corning products for years, but price was sometimes a problem. The price on CCS is very reasonable. It tools very nicely and is easy to gun. Many buildings are still spec’d with urethane, and we will often ask for a change to CCS. The 5-year warranty is more than sufficient for most of our projects so we feel comfortable doing that. Like anybody, we’re in business to stay in business. With Dow Corning® CCS, it’s a no-brainer. Who wouldn’t want to use a product that does the job better and costs less?

Laurence Cote, Owner, Bradcan Caulking & Restoration, Inc., Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

We have used CWS for about two years and find it to be a very good product for the price. We use it in many field applications and in our fabrication processes. It works really well on metal-to-metal and exterior perimeter joints that require 25% movement or less. We also use CWS for glass-to-metal cap beads on our operating sashes and for slope glazing. In fabrication, we do our end dams and thermal break seals on our sub sills with CWS.

Because CWS is a silicone, I can caulk in colder temperatures instead of waiting for warmer weather like I would with a urethane sealant. Granite State Glass uses Dow Corning CWS because it provides the performance of silicone at a cost that competes with urethane.

Hank Parker, Field Supervisor, Granite State Glass, Belman, New Hampshire

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